Chevyn G. McClintock Interiors

Chevyn G. McClintock is a professional interior designer primarily based in New York City and Greenwich, CT. who spends winters in La Jolla, California. Chevyn maintained a successful design business in Los Angeles from 1988 to 2002 before her progression to New York City. She is experienced in residential and commercial design and has created many notable interior environments including projects as diverse as an upscale restuarant in Telluride, residences in Manhattan's upper east side and the complete renovation of the historic Greenacres estate in Beverly Hills, California. Chevyn's projects have been featured in Elle Décor Magazine and on HGTV (Home and Garden Television).

Chevyn G. McClintock Interiors maintains long-term professional relationships with art and antique dealers, rug merchants, manufacturers and wholesalers in Los Angeles, New York City,and abroad. Through these contacts she is able to procure unusual pieces, materials, and fabrics that bring individuality to each design project. "Over the years I have worked hard to assemble a collection of design resources and contacts that enable me to offer my clients quite literally a world of creative possibilities," she says.


A disciplined background in art and classic design enable Chevyn to create unique and highly personalized interiors that exude a warm welcome and promise comfort along with high style. "I know I've succeeded when my interior spaces not only look great but become focal points for relaxing and entertaining," she says. "Every aspect - whether strength or weakness - of a home's interior design. This is what I enjoy the most, and why I've made it my life's work."

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